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In addition to the products we sell, KAMMS IT can provide other services.  These services can be delivered in conjunction with our current products or as part of the development of a new product or customer specific projects.


IT consultancy can be provided for current and future IT projects.  We can provide vaulable help and advise on strategy, process efficiency and project direction, providing an independent view point and plugging gaps in your companies expertise.

Development consultancy is provided during the various stages of delivery, solution evaluation, functionality development and system implementation.  The cost of consultancy is included in the monthly subscription when purchasing inconjunction with our current and new products.  Any other consultancy can purchased at the normal standard daily rate*.


Any development required would be undertaken in phases, subject to an established delivery roadmap including timescales.  Each enhancement would be prioritised and assigned to a specific delivery phase.  Requested enhancements would be reviewed before being agreed.  All new functionality would be developed in keeping with the current user interface and be kept non customer specific.  All development costs would be included in the monthly subscription, unless specifically requested and for single customer use.  Any development which is chargeable appropriate agreement is obtained from the customer before development commences.

Installation & Implementation

Installation and implementation of our standard products is included in the monthly subscription.  Specific project implementation would be quoted in the with the price of the project.


Onsite training can be provided as and when required.  Some initial training is provide when purchasing standard products, then additional training can be purchased at the standard daily rate.  Block booking a number of days which do not need to be used consecutively can help to reduce the daily rate charged.

It is very important to provide adequate training of all staff expected to operate any system to ensure the final implementation is successful.

Infrastructure & Network Support

This service can be provided by ourselves or bigger projects in conjunction with our support partner HornetSoft IT Consultants.


*Minimum charge at standard daily rate is half a day.